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June 25-30

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Lawrence author’s tale of famous Kansan is now a movie | The Kansas City Star

By Jon Niccum on April 14, 2009

Author Laura Moriarty once had to chaperone 30 teen girls through a summer program at a residence hall.

“All of them (were) smart, some of them very wealthy, some of them from other countries — with different views on drug and alcohol use by minors — and away from home for the first time,” the Lawrence-based writer and University of Kansas associate professor recalls.

“One thing I remember is ‘Coyote Ugly’ was constantly playing on the DVD player in the lobby, so much that I think hearing the dialogue in an endless loop, against my will, made a permanent imprint in my brain.”

Fortunately, Moriarty’s latest experience with movies and chaperones has provided a far more enjoyable imprint. The film version of her 2012 novel, “The Chaperone,” opens in the Kansas City area this week — her first-ever cinematic adaptation.

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