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Meet the Free State Festival Interns!

This winter, we have new faces on Team Free State Fest! Festival interns Stephanie Morales Macedo, Grace Goldman and Maya Perez are working behind the scenes on areas such as admin, marketing and sponsorships for the big event coming up fast from April 12-16. It takes a village to make a film festival and we are so grateful for their time, creativity and laughs along the way. Get to know them with these fun facts and be sure to join us this spring at FSF!

Stephanie Morales Macedo

Stephanie’s Background: I graduated from The University of Kansas in December 2021 with a double major in Journalism and Film.

Favorite movie: Probably Encanto right now. I never grew up watching a Disney princess or character that looked like me or spoke my first language. Even though I am an adult now, I am glad that Disney created Encanto because I know that little Hispanic girls will finally have a Disney character to look up to.

Favorite movie snack: Chips- especially barbeque or jalapeno!

Why I’m excited to be here: There are two main things I am looking forward to… First, I am excited to learn more about how film festivals work and the second is my journalism capstone project will actually be playing at the festival! It is called Liberate LFK and it is about the past, present and future LGBTQ+ activism in Lawrence and KU. The project was created by over 10 journalism students and I seriously put my whole heart into this project and I am excited for people to watch it at the festival.
Grace Goldman

Grace’s Background: KU Film and Media Studies major and Business minor

Favorite movie: Amélie

Favorite movie snack: Junior Mints

Why I’m excited to be here: I’m looking forward to making new connections and contributing to our amazing local art community!

Maya Perez

Maya’s Background: KU Film & Media Studies major

Favorite movie: Clueless

Favorite movie snack: Mozzarella Sticks

Why I’m excited to be here: I am looking forward to meeting great new people, gaining experience, and being able to do hands on work outside of the classroom.